I'm Jamie Graham, a 
Browser Web Front-end
Artist Hacker Engineer Developer
residing in Ladysmith, BC, Canada.

I've been honing my craft for 8 years. For the first 5 I operated my design / development company, Vertical Grain Design, working with my own clients and also contracting for agencies such as Rethink, Dossier Creative, Also Known As, and Briteweb. For the last 3 years I've had the pleasure of working with the good folk at Domain7.

I'm a markup / styling nerd, and am not satisfied with less than perfect markup accross all devices. I'm a CSS ninja, and am into the latest styling methods and tools such as Flexbox, LESS, SCSS, PostCSS, and BEM methodology.

I created an uber simple, 1 stylesheet SCSS grid system which has been used on many Domain7 projects. I contribute to Sassyplate, the CSS boilerplate used extensively on Domain7 projects.

I particularly love creating complex and beautiful animated layouts and features on the web. I use a number of animation tools such as elegant CSS animation, SVG SMIL animation, and javascript animation libraries such as Greensock and ScrollMagic.

I've worked with a number of CMS. My level of expertise is highest in Wordpress, with which I create advanced custom CMS for clients, using the latest features such as the Wordpress JSON API. I contribute to the Domain7 Wordpress theme boilerplate, Timberplate. I use power tools that help keep large, multi developer WP projects sane, such as Timber and WP Cli. I'm also fluent with Expression Engine and Craft, and have dabbled in Drupal and Rails.

I get really excited about ultra lean javascript CMS ideas, from git based FoxFlow, to Firebase single page apps, all the way to CMSish, a 1 file CMS I created that uses a google spreadsheet as a database / backend, paired with handlebars.js for the frontend.

I like Javascript. jQuery, of course, also Node development, ES6, and front-end frameworks like React and Angular. Lately I'm enjoying creating single page apps with React and Firebase, and Git based FoxFlow.

I've worked extensively with javascript libraries such as the Google Maps API.

I find great satisfaction in teaching and mentoring other developers. I'm extremely thankful to all the programmers who over the years took the time to help me learn, and I intentionally make time whenever possible to pay that forward by teaching, helping and encouraging. I enjoy leading, either in overt roles or simply by example, with positivity and excellence.

I really enjoy making weird, useless websites like Iapetus, Oscar and truefacts.

I like cooking, recipe hacking and recipe development. I made a lean, mobile friendly recipe site, MixMeals.com, to store and share all my favourite meals.

I've like playing with hardware like Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, and C.H.I.P., and building things like obstacle avoiding robots, smart mirrors, and magnetic bicycle generators.

work samples:

Nordica Photography

Dossier Creative

It starts with me


Kasian architecture

Pacific Health Innovation Exchange

Prince Georges County Telework


University of BC Centennial