We're going pretty high on this website. What if a jack in the box jumped up and scared you? That's being a scaredy cat

This is the superman logo. Can you see that lava there?

This is oscars website

Working is fun

All you have to do is work really hard, and then you will get the hang of it

oscar This is stuff you can borrow from me: Bouncy ball Toy car Little shoes that are too small for me Clothes that are too small for me. My favourite character is Captain Booberang Can you see that picture of BB-8? He's my favourite character. He's the first one in the Star Wars. He's from The Force Awakens. Kids. Can you see that Batman logo? It's sooo cool.



Those persons right there are in my family. \/ See those kids down there? Those are my kids. Just kidding. Those are that person who has a black shirt and a white dot in the middle's kids. That person with the black shirt and the white dot in the middle he's about thirty four.

I will destroy you!!!!!!!!!!

No you won't Superman!

This is told by Oscar and Dad

Of all these times, it's me, Oscar, making this website >

Orange and orange are the same words, but except, there's the orange that you eat and the orange color.

This website is for my dads website building company but he said he saw too many websites and they all looked the same so he said I could make whatever I wanted for his business as long as I said one thing, his email is and you can email him there if you want to.

BB8 is my favourite character from the force awakens and I'm gonna show you a video of BB8 and here's what BB8 looks like. Good Luck. This is a video of BB8 and R2D2.

The story of death

There ewas once a boy named spider man. He was extremely dangerous. He followed darkness becauase the evil guy zapped him with evil. Then, he was doomed to death. And that's why suddenly from the ashes Donatello and an astronaut rose. They defeated them all. The end.

If a giant attacks hawaii, there might be a chance a super hero will rise from the ashes. But, he will be an alien and not nice, but he will always treat you like a baby. He'll think you are a dangerous person forever and ever. But, just remember your true form is always with you.

Lego is fun for me.

Superman and Batman are battling again with their armour suits.

If you ever find a crystal, what will you expect?

I like my robot.

Some aliens took over me

Some aliens came out of a ship. They were going to take over me too. But they were too busy arguing.

When I was asleep some flashing lights awoke me. Then they crashed. Three aliens came to town. I was so scared that I ran away.

There was some gas aliens that got me but they told me that there's some more aliens coming that were gold gas aliens. They were going to take over my body. There were two gas aliens.

I saw two golden gas aliens. They were with poisionous unknown gas. The other gas aliens were gold. There were two of them.

One morning, I saw a squid monster in the sky. It was so scary. It got a laser beam on it's eye and it was all orange. And, it had one eye.

A monster attacked me.

A robot monster attacked me. It was so scary that I jumped up. It had purple spots all over it and it was all black. It had suckers.

My apple turned into a monster.

When I was on TV an evil apple showed up on the TV. It was amazing. It said something I don't know. But it must be serious.

Once there was two brothers that then became a monster because they were combined.